(Almost) Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

Hello there bakers! This recipe came about because of a desire to bake with vegetables.  Everybody knows baked goods made with vegetables are 100% healthy and nutritious, right?  The “almost” pumpkin title comes from the fact that these whoopie pies… Continue Reading

The Best Hot Cross Bun Recipe for Easter

Happy Easter all! Of course I was going to post a Hot Cross Bun recipe. I found a great recipe by the bread baking king, Mr Paul Hollywood, on the BBC Good Food website. I’ve made some modifications (sorry Paul!)… Continue Reading

Spiced Pear Cobbler Recipe

Peach cobbler just sounds like the ultimate, most delicious, stereotypical American dessert. I always remember hearing it mentioned on American TV shows and promised myself that one day I would make sure that I tried some of this cobbler for myself. Well… Continue Reading

Jubilee Scones Recipe with jam and cream

I have a running joke with a friend from the States, that all us Brits do is sit around having tea and crumpets (which is obviously not true). This post however, is very stereotypically British. Seeing as it’s the Queen’s… Continue Reading

Alfajores Recipe; Perfect for Cinco de Mayo

  Hola amigos! (That’s about all the Spanish I know) It’s Cinco de Mayo (spanish for 5th of May) which is a Mexican holiday celebrated in Mexico (obviously) and the United States. As I will use practically any excuse to… Continue Reading